Mobile Marketing Support  

When advertisers want to bring their message to the public at sporting events, concerts and fairs, they often need a bold display to get the crowd's attention.  Mobile marketing trailers fit the bill nicely, and Prototype Source uses its know-how to build units that have everything tour crews need to sell the benefits of their products.  This may include outfitting the trailers with stages, PA and audio systems, interactive displays, and maybe even a few sinks and showers like those Prototype Source created for the Schick Shaving Shack.


Mobile Marketing Mobile Marketing
Dairy Queen Blizzard Dairy Queen Blizzard
Mobile Marketing Mobile Marketing
Miller 64 Miller 64
Verizon Verizon
Joe Dogg's
Craftsman Mower Grill  Craftsman Mower Grill  Craftsman Mower Grill


The Water Planet - California Academy of Sciences

The centerpiece of the ultra-modern Steinhart Aquarium at the California Academy of the Sciences in San Francisco is The Water Planet. This 10,000 square foot interactive exhibit celebrates the diversity of life on Earth, and how water is integral to every living creature.


Working from designs created by New York firms Thinc Design and Urban A&O, Prototype Source fabricated and surfaced all the intricate fluid-like walls and hands-on exhibition islands. These complex curving forms appear to flow seamlessly from one to the next, enticing visitors to touch and explore the watery wonders.

Water Planet Water Planet
Water Planet Water Planet

Concept Cars 

Automakers use prototype concept cars to showcase new designs, styling and technology. Prototype Source has built or worked on a number of these trendsetters for eleven different automotive studios. Some of the more notable cars include the Corvette Stingray III, the GM EV-1, and the Pontiac Salsa. The VW concept car Prototype Source built generated such enthusiasm with the public at auto shows, Volkswagen put the car into production as the new Beetle,  which became a commercial success.


 Concept Car Concept Car
 Concept Car Concept Car

Architectural Elements

Master artist Kurt Wenner is world-renowned for his paintings, murals, sculpture and architecture. One of his private commissions included the design of ornate ceiling panels. Prototype Source brought their expertise to the project, turning Wenner's coffer designs into highly-detailed 3-D reality using intricate molds, lightweight composites, and unusual paint finishes.

Architectural Elements Architectural Elements

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